Dreams come true. Lotteries can be won. People really do become millionaires overnight. All you have to do is know where and how to play the lotteries. More important, however, is knowing which lotteries to play. The more lotteries you participate in, the greater your odds will be of winning. It is a way of hedging bets. Find out here how to play the biggest and best lotteries from around the world online. Super easy. Totally legal. HUGE JACKPOTS!!!

Here you will find information on which lotteries around the world are the best; all the latest rules for each lottery; the odds of winning broken down into their probabilities for each lottery; and which lotteries are tax free and who might or might not be eligible for a tax break.

We have collected this information by having a lifetime of experience in the industry. Each of us at PlayLotteryWorldwide has been directly involved in the operations of some of the world’s leading lotteries. This is your inside scoop to the mysterious world of lotteries.

The first thing you need to know is that you are not limited to your local state lottery! This is a misconception that many people seem to hold on to for one reason or another. It is simply not true. It might actually be to your benefit to play a foreign lottery. If you are not subject to local taxes, then you can, in many cases, take home the full jackpot amount without the burden of paying a large percentage of it in taxes. This is especially true of those who prefer to take their winnings in one lump sum.

Check out this moving video of the UK National Lottery:

So how can you play a foreign lottery if you’re located elsewhere? Simple, you can log in to www.LottoSend.com. There, you will be able to quickly and easily select the numbers you wish to play on any of the lotteries they offer. Then agents located around the world will go out and buy the physical ticket for you, which will be scanned and sent to you via email. The original will be kept in a secure location. The ticket will remain yours and you will have a proof of purchase. There is no way to lose your ticket in this way.

TheLotter will send drawing results to your email inbox automatically as soon as they are available. If you are a winner you will know it without having to hunt down the drawing results.

Is this legal? Yes. Absolutely. The lotteries represented in the LottoSend website are specifically ones that allow foreign nationals to play and win. Everything is transparent and if you are a winning ticket holder, you will be able to transfer your win directly to your bank account directly from the LottoSend website. You will never have to set foot outside in order to play any of these lotteries. And the best part? When you buy one ticket through LottoSend, you get one free.

See below for a list of the world’s best lotteries:

Powerball Lotto

The mother of all lotteries, instantly recognizable with its red and white balls logo. This is by far the most popular lottery in the United States, if not the whole world, and for good reason. It always features the largest jackpots on earth. Powerball jackpots are constantly pushing the envelope, and continuously make history with the sheer size of wins. In 2006 one single winner based in Nebraska took home a $365 million dollar jackpot. The Powerball Lotto is relatively new, started in 1988 as the Lotto America, it was later rebranded as Powerball in 1992. In less than 25 years it has paid out over $5 Billion dollars in first prizes. It was also the first lottery system to introduce the two-container concept, which has since spread to many other lotteries.

Mega Millions Lotto

If Powerball Lotto is the most popular lottery in the world, then Mega Millions Lotto is the one with the single largest jackpot in the history of North America, at $656 Million Dollars. Originally named the Big Game when it came out in 1996, it was rebranded as Mega Millions in 2002. Once New York joined the lottery, the prizes became truly staggering in scope. You should be aware that Mega Millions Lotto prizes are subject to taxation both for US citizens and non-US citizens, with the latter category taxed at a flat rate of 25%, subject to any pre-existing tax treaties between the US and the second country, which could help offset the US taxation.

EuroMillions Lotto

This pan-European lottery is famous for two reasons. First and foremost, is the fact that there is a 1/24 chance that any given ticket is a winner of some kind. Whereas many secondary prizes are typically on the low end, EuroMIllions distinguishes itself with very generous secondary prizes. The EuroMillions Lotto is so loose, in fact, that as of January 2012, there is a permanent cap placed on the jackpot at 190 Million Euros. The second reason the EuroMillions Lotto is so popular is because winners outside of Switzerland are not subject to taxes.


EuroJackpot is the first European lottery system to challenge the supremacy of the EuroMillions Lotto. It was dreamed up in 2012, with the first drawing taking place on March 23 of that year—in order to coincide with the first day of astronomical spring. The EuroJackpot was initially designed to service countries not included in the EuroMillions Lotto, mostly in Northern and Eastern Europe. The odds of winning the jackpot are significantly better than at any other lottery in existence. This was by design, in order to draw players away from EuroMillions Lotto. EuroJackpot is also designed with convenience in mind. Winners are contacted directly, and thus don’t have to check the results at any time to confirm a win.

UK National Lotto

There is some good news to anyone who wants to play the UK National Lotto. The UK does not tax the lottery. For those living in the UK, this is great news. Everyone else is subject to their own country’s policy on foreign earned income. This is especially important for citizens of either the US or Eritrea, who are the only ones in the world subject to double taxation on foreign earned income. The UK National Lotto is made available worldwide by the state, and is franchised to and operated by the Camelot Group. The Camelot Group is a consortium made up of four separate companies, which means the UK National Lotto is essentially run by private companies rather than a government. Because the UK National Lotto is run as a corporation instead of a government branch, it is designed to grow larger every year. A bigger lotto means more winners. In the UK alone there are over 2,500 new millionaires thanks to the UK National Lotto.


The premiere Italian lottery which has been around for over 50 years. The game was redesigned in 1997 with much simpler rules, which allow for a greater chance of winning. In 2010, one lucky winner took home a jackpot worth €177,800,000—the biggest in the country’s history. This is a pari-mutuel lottery, wherein the jackpot is based on how many tickets were sold. 34.648% of the revenues gathered from ticket sales are apportioned for winners. Although this might seem like a small amount, when there are no winners, the money rolls over to the next jackpot. This builds up quickly into very large jackpots.

La Primitiva Lotto

Based in Spain, La Primitiva is one of Europe’s top lotteries, and also holds the distinction of being one of the oldest continuously run lottery operations in the world. The La Primitiva Lotto has been in existence since the year 1763, when it was called the Loteria Real. The game has changed from the way it was played in the 18th century, but it remains the most popular lottery in Spain. One distinguishing feature of the La Primitiva Lotto is that approximately 70% of ticket sale revenue goes into the prize. This is a very large percentage when compared to other lotteries, and explains the high probability of winning one of the secondary prizes. The La Primitiva Lotto always has its coffers full.

El Gordo Lotto

One of the reasons that Spains lotteries are among the most favored in the world is the fact that Spain doesn’t tax lottery winnings. Whereas most other countries place a high tax on winnings, often close to 50%, winners of Spanish lotteries take everything home. Furthermore, the names of winners are kept in the strictest confidence. This means the win can remain secret if the winner wishes it to. Although the El Gordo Lotto’s jackpots seem a bit small when compared to other world renowned lottery systems, the fact that the Spanish government allows winners to keep everything, functionally doubles the actual value of the jackpots as compared to other state run lotteries. Today the El Gordo Lotto is one of the most popular in Spain, but it is not a competitor to La Primitiva, in fact it is an offshoot of the La Primitiva Lotto, which gained popularity very quickly in the years following its launch.

A Word About Where To Play

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